Koolaburra Wedding Shoes That Rock All Night Long

Have you ever noticed how wedding dress shoes are always those dainty little numbers, white or ivory satin, fit for a Cinderella?

Koolaburra - Eco.Luxury.Style Weddings

Koolaburra – Eco.Luxury.Style Weddings

After scouring and scouring the land, we finally came up with the shoes we’re sure will make your (inner naughty) Cinderella shake and shimmy all Wedding Night long!

And that’s sure to keep your Prince good and happy.

(Not to mention, they’re super purrrrfect for those Boho Chic and Eco Beach Weddings)….


The Koolaburra Vision

“Core to our vision is a love of fashion and music. Every season, our collection is accompanied by a soundtrack of both contemporary and classic songs. Like a beloved stack of records, Koolaburra is a perfect mix to complement any mood, juxtaposing a bit of risk-taking with boho sensibility. Like no other shoe can, we can take a wearer from the sidewalks of the big city to the beaches of Malibu, while making a statement with every step.”

All shoes by Koolaburra (p.s. – shhhhh! – all the hot Hollywood celebs can’t get enough of them  ; )

Koolaburra, Santa Barbara, California 

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