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Eco.Luxury.Style’s Noteworthy

Chateau Soutard, St. Émilion

Winner of 2012 Best of Wine Tourism Award for parks and gardens. Their “aim is to ensure that their terroirs express their full potential while respecting the environment. Philosophy is based on ‘reasoned agriculture’ making increasing use of natural and ‘organic’ products while limiting the use of chemicals. Not only the vines and the grapes, but also the subsoil, the weather and all the people involved are key factors in the production of Soutard’s great wines…”.

Address: BP 4 – 3330 St. Émilion, France


Hôtel de Crillon, Paris

Awarded Green Globe Certificate of excellence in 2011 for its environmental and sustainability programs. In the Top Ten of Paris’s most luxurious hotels and expensive.

Address: 10, place de la Concorde – 75008, Paris.


Spa 5 Mondes at Villa and  Hotel Majestic

Cocooned underneath this elegant hotel, the Spa 5 Mondes at the Villa and Hotel Majestic just off the Arc de Triomphe in Paris’s wealthy and upper-class 16th arrondissement, curates its holistic treatment traditions from the world’s best spa practices. Spacious pool offers the extra as well as the hammams (steam rooms) which can be used as his-n-hers or en couple with reservations.

Address: 30 rue La Pérouse – 75116 Paris


Ducs de Bourgogne Hotel, Paris

The 4-Star hotel, Ducs de Bourgogne, located just steps from the Louvre in Paris, won the EU Ecolabel Communication Award for 2011 in the service provider category. The award recognizes exceptional promotional activities to increase public awareness of the European EcoLabel – the EU’s label for environmentally-friendly goods and services.  Awards were given January 2012 at Ecorismo in Nantes.

Address: 19 rue de Pont Neuf – 75001 Paris



It’s here! After years of successfully running the Velib’ program in Paris (see related article – Bicycling Around Paris), the ambitious Paris City Hall launched the Autolib’ program in December 2011.  It’s simple: With a flick of a card, you can loan out an electric vehicle for an hour, a half-day, a night or longer.

Autolib’ recharging stations can be seen all around town including on rue Fbg St. Honoré just off of rue Royale, at the top of Ave. MacMahon and other posh locations. How’s it working? So far so good! For a monthly subscription of 12.60 Euros and a per hour use rate of 2.10 Euros (free between the hours of 11pm and 7am)  you can va-va-voom in an EV all you want!

Autolib’ Info

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