The World’s Most Sustainable Suit (?)

This suit by Marks & Spencer has been four years in the making.  It will go on sale at the end of August as the “world’s most sustainable suit.” Retail is £349.

Marks & Spencer Sustainable Suit

Even the label is made from recycled polyester.  Only 500 of the suits will be produced.

World's Most Sustainable Suit

Each of the 20 major components that go into the suit have been analyzed for their sustainability quotient.

Australian organic wool/ dyed in Italy using GOTS approved technology/  spun into yarn at an Italian mill/  fabric,  linings made from recycled PET bottle polyester from a hi-tech processing plant in Japan/  recycled polyester zips, reclaimed pocket linings (surplus from their own production lines),/ reclaimed stray buttons (otherwise headed to a  landfill) /all shipped to China where the suits are assembled.

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