Les Sources de Caudalie, Bordeaux Luxury Hotel and Spa

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By Paige Donner

Les Sources de Caudalie in Martillac, just outside Bordeaux, France.  Photo credit: Paige Donner.

When you feel like you want and deserve everything, book yourself a stay at Les Sources de Caudalie in Martillac, just outside Bordeaux, France.

Five star hotel with luxury, warmth, serenity…check. On-site spa offering pools, steam room, massages and facials…check.

Paige Donner wrote this post on green travel in France.  She is a luxury writer specializing in sustainable lifestyles. You can read more from her at: http://paigedonner.wordpress.com.

Vineyards surrounding as far as you can see and wineries nearby offering tastings of some of Bordeaux’s finest AOC Graves wines…check. And, of course, as this is La France, Michelin star dining.

Room at Les Sources de Caudalie. Photo credit: Paige Donner.

All this and honestly the strongest impression I have from Les Sources de Caudalie is just how much can be accomplished when a man and a woman, united in love, and firmly committed to building a life together, courageously walk toward their vision and their dreams.

“We started building this almost 12 years ago, when I was just 25. We really didn’t know any better. The word ‘can’t’ just wasn’t in our vocabulary,” confides Alice Tourbier, the hotel’s radiant owner.

Les Sources de Caudalie is the Bordeaux location of Alice and Jerome Tourbier’s luxury hotel chain.

Their other spa-hotel is just outside Paris and they have plans to build their next one in Argentina’s Mendoza region. It is all a part of their travel philosophy, offering a “moment of nature” within a short distance/20 minutes, of cities.

The hotel buildings are built from repurposed local materials and most of the furnishings are equally “found.”

Maximum use of sustainable energy and energy saving measures are just a few things that distinguish this 49-room, Small Luxury Hotel’s environmentally-friendly philosophy.

The “Vinotherapie” Spa was created over a naturally-occurring warm spring and the Caudalie beauty products are formulated around the antioxidants and polyphenols found in grape seeds.

Be sure to reserve some time for a bike ride around the vineyards and to the nearby wineries. It’s complimentary!


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