Meet Your Honey, Money

No…We’re absolutely NOT suggesting you find yourself a SugarDaddy/Mama or cheat on your spouse.

What we ARE suggesting is that you rid yourself of any Money Monsters that might be lurking in your past and cultivate a full-fledged romance with your Money Honey.

Still not making sense? Take a look at Money Magnet Coach Morgana Rae below as she explains her coaching philosophy of how to cultivate an enduring, fully reciprocal, healthy, loving relationship with money.

With money the most common factor for invoking stress in relationships, especially marriages and romantic relationships, this is a SUPER way to begin your life together: Ridding ourselves of our Money Monsters (face it, about 98% of people on the planet have them) and meeting your Money Honey.

Best thing about your Money Honey is that He/She wants nothing more than for you to be Happy, Feel Loved, and Live In Abundance.

Click on the LINK to find out how you can Meet Your Money Honey and become a MONEY MAGNET.

P.S. For the LADIES – Unleash your Inner MONEY GODDESS. Find out more HERE!

persephone EcoLuxuryStyle Weddings - Money Goddess


Money is the #1 excuse women give for not living their dreams.

Yes we have LOTS in common with guys, but Women are motivated differently than men. That cut throat, take no prisoners, go for the burn, dominate your competition, success-at-any-cost mentality that can feel really good if you have tons of testosterone… can feel really BAD if you don’t! And because we’re told things work a certain way, and we should be a certain way, we blame ourselves when someone else’s model doesn’t work in our lives.

Or even when it does work financially, the cost of success is too high. It’s painful. Draining. All-consuming. Isn’t fun.

  • I’ve worked with women with enormous heart and desire to make a difference in the world, who kept hitting their money ceiling as the big block in their lives.

There IS another way!

Yes, you get to be ambitious, strategic, powerful, wealthy and successful… and you get to BE YOURSELFBE FULFILLED, and BE WELL-LOVED at the same time.


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