The Luxury Sustainable Wedding Dress

Pure Magnolia

At Pure Magnolia we love to see brides happy, and a happy bride is a bride in a dress that she loves and can afford. We will work with you to create the perfect dress for your body shape, style and budget. Plus it will all be eco friendly!


They have a huge selection of fabrics, lace, and trims to choose from. Pure Magnolia has everything from organic cottons and hemps to vintage silks and satins. They have a big selection on vintage lace to make that truly authentic custom vintage dress. With Pure Magnolia you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the designer to create a dress that is uniquely beautiful and completely you.

We know you are on a budget and we do our very best to work within that budget. Custom dresses can start as low as $1000 for a simple silhouette…

Just who is this wedding dress angel?

Patty Nayel is the creator of Pure Magnolia. Patty has been making wedding dresses since 2006 but recently found the large need for eco friendly gowns. So many brides were having organic catering, and were using recycled paper, but they were not able to buy a sustainable dress. Patty, who loves her green lifestyle, wants to help all Eco.Luxury.Style brides to get their dream dress. Through ongoing research Patty is continually finding sustainable options for traditional bridal fabrics.

I don’t live in Vancouver, can I still buy a dress?

Definitely. You will need to go have your measurements taken at a professional seamstress. We will make any of our dresses to fit your measurements. You may need to do a few little alterations when you get the dress in case you lost or gained weight.

My wedding is in less than 2 months, could I still get a dress?

YES! There are also a few dresses in the collection that can be made quickly depending on what fabrics we have in stock. We have many samples in a range of sizes at the studio. Most of the samples are for sale, and some are available for rental for Vancouver brides.

 Pure Magnolia


Deborah Lindquist Wedding Gowns

Deborah Lindquist is one of LA’s most sought after environmentally conscious designers.

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The Deborah Lindquist wedding collection is a unique collection of eco couture gowns and separates hand-crafted in Los Angeles. The collection is created from of a blend of reincarnated/upcycled fabrics and organic or sustainable fabrics, and embellished with semiprecious and vintage stones. Each item is bespoke and limited edition.

She works her fashion magic with a mixture of environmentally conscious fabrications (from vintage cashmere, hemp blends to organic linen) and the resulting designs are as striking as they are ecologically sensitive. As a trailblazer at the forefront of the stylish green-clothing movement, Deborah is making an impact in the fashion world while remaining true to her love for the environment.

She has dressed such mega-stars as Sharon Stone, Pink, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and other celebrities.

Deborah Lindquist 

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