Men’s Sustainable EcoLuxuryStyle Shoes


Gucci’s Sustainable Soles  The “California Green” men’s sneaker includes bio-rubber soles, vegetable-tanned black calfskin uppers, biologically certified shoelaces, rhodium plated metal details and tongues with the Gucci logo printed in green on recycled polyester labels.


Available in both low- and high-top versions. This special edition of the Gucci eco shoe collection was designed by Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini.

  • bio-plastic – a biodegradable material in compost used as an alternative to petrochemical plastic
  • successfully tested in laboratories and certified by the main European International Standard: UNI EN 13432 and ISO 17088
  • eco-aware material follows a shorter degradation process compared to traditional industrial plastic
  • leaves minimal waste or environmental impact


Available at selected Gucci stores worldwide and on as of the end of June 2012.


Camper shoe company has been creating shoes since 1877. The four generation family run business is based out of Spain.


The “Woodie” shoe (pictured first below) offers “a removable anatomical EVA insole and a TPU injected leather outsole.”


“For us, creativity has to be applied to every step of the process, from manufacturing to recycling, so we can carry on evolving. At Camper we like to say: ‘a little better, never perfect.’ We have also developed a concept called Extraordinary Crafts, which combines creativity, quality and manufacture. Extraordinary Crafts is our way of blending design with technology.” – Camper


Native Shoes

Eco-friendly. Manufactured through: a low energy emission process, produces zero waste and does not use any animal bi-products. Made from foam-injection molded EVA.




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