Cristal Roederer Champagne And Biodynamic Grapes

Cristal Roederer champagne is one of the most famous high-end champagnes sold the world over.

Roederer Cristal Champagne

Roederer Cristal Champagne


Many of us know it probably more for its starring role in rap songs and music videos… and for its posh price tag.

But Cristal was actually the first “prestige cuvée,” to be produced and exported from the region, Champagne. That was back in 1876 after Louis Roederer selected old vines in special parcels of vineyards he identified lending significant calcareous/ chalk mineral qualities to those particular grapes – which translated into a significantly “crystalline” wine. Hence Cristal.

The House of Louis Roederer Champagne itself was first born in 1776, the same year as the United States. By the 1840s it found itself becoming the favorite champagne of Czar Nicolas II and even the official champagne of the Imperial Court of Russia.

Cristal is a champagne reputed to age very well. 

Roederer Cristal - Eco.Luxury.Style Weddings

Roederer Cristal – Eco.Luxury.Style Weddings

Today, the house is embracing biodynamic vineyard cultivation. They first began their “biodynamic experimentation” in their champagne vineyards in 2000. Now they have 40 hectares they cultivate biodynamically out of a total of 230 ha. that the house of Louis Roederer itself owns. More here…

Roederer Champagne - biodynamic vineyards

Roederer Champagne – biodynamic vineyards

Their CEO and Cellar Master explains their philosophy towards embracing biodynamic vineyard cultivation,

With biodynamic viticulture, the path we are following is very simple. It’s about getting the best possible expression of terroir while observing viticultural practices that are the most respectful of nature.


The more you respect Nature, the better the fruit she yields.  –  Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon


Biodynamically cultivated grapes are used for Roederer’s Brut Premier, their Millésimé and even Cristal from time to time.

Champagne Louis Roederer

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