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What is The Art of Love Relationship Series?

The Art of Love Relationship Series is a 10 day online event, featuring over 50 of the world’s leading love and relationship experts who have gathered to bring you all the tools you really need to build, sustain and grow a dynamic relationship. This incredible event features 3 audio seminars daily, each of which you will be able to access online for FREE during a 24 hour period.

Eco.Luxury.Style Weddings - Art of Love

Eco.Luxury.Style Weddings – Art of Love

When is The Art of Love Relationship Series?
The Art of Love Relationship Series begins on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 and runs for 10 consecutive days, through Thursday, February 21st, 2013. During each day of the Series, 3 new audio seminars will be made available for you to listen to online for FREE for a period of 24 hours.

How does The Art of Love Relationship Series work?
Every day, participants in The Art of Love Relationship Series will receive an email announcing 3 audio seminars which have been made available on the site, and can be enjoyed for FREE for the next 24 hours. After each 24 hour period, the audio seminars will be refreshed with 3 new seminars, and the previous days’ content will no longer be accessible.

Who is The Art of Love Relationship Series for?
We designed The Art of Love Relationship Series to be the catalyst you have been looking for to get the love you desire and deserve on every level. The experts presenting in this series represent a variety of perspectives and approaches on elevating your relationship to its highest harmonious and most passionate levels! The series is not designed for any one “type” of person and is intended to help anyone seeking new skills and effective tools for creating amazing love in their lives. This Series will teach you the precise techniques and strategies for getting the love you are seeking and that you deserve.

Are the seminars lectures or question/answer style?
All of the seminars in The Art of Love Relationship Series have been pre-recorded to facilitate an easily accessible delivery process for our thousands of participants. Thus, participation will not require any access codes or call-in details and will not include question and answer sessions.

How long is each seminar?
Each seminar is approximately 60 minutes. Our Soulmate Couple seminars are 30 minutes long.

Art of Love Relationship Series

Wishing you and your Love a Life of Joy & Blessings,

Eco.Luxury.StyleWeddings Team

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