W Hotel Paris Opera

By Paige Donner

Article first published as W Hotel Paris Opera on Technorati.

The Big Unveiling this Paris Fashion Week isn’t a new couture line, it isn’t even a new pret-a-porter collection. It’s Paris’s newest hotel and it’s a W!

 Officially opened February 29th, the W Paris-Opera Hotel is literally a stone’s throw from the entrance of the new-ish Opera Restaurant and right around the corner from the Apple store. How fun is that – already!?

Anyone who is a “hotel addict” knows all about this 13 year old brand, which flaunts “lifestyle” and not so much vacation or trip. Aligned with music, fashion and design, the newest mothership is every bit a W, though altogether Parisienne at the same time, with its Haussmannian exterior and ultra-chic LED lit interior.

One thing you get when you stay at a W is the attentions of an Insider. An Insider is something of a “Super Concierge.” Want to get past those velvet red ropes at the new club? Your Insider will direct dial the bouncer on their mobile phone. Need reservations, at the last minute, for that Must Go To little Paris restaurant? Magic wand, flick, flutter, and voila. You’re in.

The signature Insider for Paris is named Cecile Rummler and these are a few of her favorite things:
Restaurant – Septime near Bastille. You can expect good quality, food made by Chef Bertrand Grébaut – and all at a good price.
Boutique – CanCan. A small boutique whose proprietress stocks her racks with all the things she loves and can’t live without. And you will too!
Gourmet Goodies – L’épicerie Causses is within walking distance of the hotel and a great place to find cold cuts, fresh juices, cheeses and, yes, go ahead, a chocolate macaron or two!

The W Paris-Opera Hotel isn’t just the first W in Paris, it’s the first one in France. It’s still a young brand phenom, but it’s already mighty. Once Parisians get a taste, we think they’ll start asking, What took W so long?!



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