Getting Into Your Heart Space – Living at “Love Or Above”

Live at Love or Above - Eco.Luxury.Style Weddings

“Getting Into Your Heartspace” is only one of the valuable tools that Christie Marie Sheldon teaches in her “Love Or Above,” coaching and online webinars.

Living at Love Or Above allows us to approach all facets of life – Relationships, Money, Family, Career, Health – from the perspective of Love.

But most importantly, from the VIBRATION OF LOVE.


Starting on Valentine’s Day 2013 Christie Marie is offering a complimentary online webinar where she shares some of the keys to living at Love Or Above.

[Don’t Worry if you missed this online webinar… You can still get access to the highly effective Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit by going here as well as here]

More Info…

It’s happening this Thursday and this “experiential” event will allow you to fly past your energy blocks and enter the “State of Allowing”.Here’s a look at what you’ll be learning during this online training* Connect with me and hundreds others in a powerful LIVE collective meditation to unblock your natural manifesting potential.

* Discover how to align your Energetic Frequency to your desires.
* Find out the specific tools and techniques that’ll allow you to tap 
into your energy fields for increased vibration.

* Send blessings of love to the world, thus boosting your personal level of vibration

When I first did this online presentation, I had over 15,000 people register and it was INCREDIBLE.

I want to make this super easy for you, so if you’re ready to finally release your energy blocks, all you have to do is click on the link below and you’ll automatically be registered for the event.

Head here to join the Love or Above Online Training >>

And of course, it’s completely freee for you 🙂

I hope to have you there. It’s my mission and passion in life to get this transformative wisdom out and I know you’ll love it.

See you on Thursday!

Living from Love or Above,

Christie Marie

PS: The reason why I need you to register via that link is so that I can prep the servers beforehand so that they don’t crash.
So PLEASE register just by going to the link above before Tuesday so that I’ll have time to prepare everything 🙂

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