Bicycling Around Paris

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by Paige Donner

Paige Donner wrote this post on cycling in Paris.  She publishes and edits Greening Paris, part of her Green Blog Network.

The Green Blog Network takes a global approach to sustainability. She started her original green column Greening Hollywood in 2007.

At Eco Consulting * Eco MediaSustainable Tourism and Green Film Production are two of her areas of expertise.


The Velib’ bicycle program in Paris celebrated its one millionth bicycle voyage last month.

If you’re not yet familiar with Paris’ city-sponsored bicycle program, it’s such an innovative and “green travel” program in the form of a public transportation service, that the Velib’, in and of itself, is a reason to visit Paris.

velib Passion by Paige Donner photo 2 Courtesy Velib Paris Green Traveler: Paige Donner

Image courtesy of Velib’ Paris.

There’s good news too: The already efficient and economical tariffs to rent one of the Velib’ bicycles just got even cheaper and more efficient.

The Mairie de Paris (Paris City Hall) has made Velib’s more easily accessible for tourists and visitors. The price of a Velib’ for day use is now the same cost as a Metro ticket: EURO 1.70. And the price for 7 days access for use of a Velib’ is 5 to 8 Euros with the first 30 minutes of use free.

You can get your Velib’ tickets online at and also at the Mobile Kiosks that you can find at every Velib’ station which provide instructions in English. It’s a great alternative to hopping on a bus or the metro or walking everywhere.

Since the Velib’ stations are nearly as numerous in the city as the Metro stations, most people can get where they need to go within a half an hour, drop off the bicycle, and pick up another one for their return voyage after their rendezvous. If you go over the half-hour time allotment per session (not per day), you pay for the extra time starting at 1 Euro for an extra half-hour.

Since May 2011, the yearly subscription rate has been supplemented by more choices. For example, the“Velib’ Passion” tariff is a 39Euros per year subscription which allows you to take a bike out for 45 minutes at a time. Students pay just 19Euros for this “Velib’ Passion” privilege.

Find out more about Velib’ and green travel in Paris on Greening Paris.



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