Get A Groom, Get Wood

We just can’t help falling for this new men’s underwear line from Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Now what’s not to like about a company that puts the family jewels first?

Wood Wedding Issue EcoLuxuryStyle


Company Philosophy:

Look around. Women have Victoria’s Secret (thank you!). Men have ‘big-box-store-cheap-unstylish-3-packs’ or an ‘only-if-I’m-gonna-get-lucky-$40-special’. No longer. Now, there is Wood.

What’s the story? It’s brief. On the hunt for a new business idea, I lucked into a great underwear design. My husband raved. Wood was born. Global HQ: Hermosa Beach, CA, January 2012. Admit it: you heard “Wood” & started to rif. Right? We wanted a name to have fun & grow with. Being outdoor people, a link with beach, ocean & snow sports was natural. It embodies our brand:  fun, keep-it-real, aspiration to push further no matter your sport, level or age. It’s also about fashion, or our slightly irreverent take on it.

Excerpted from their blog…

We had a little fun yesterday at a media event covering products for “Brides, Grooms & Gifts”.  We brought along 3 very good humoured (and HOT) men to showcase our underwear.  They got quite a lot of attention…and rep’d Wood well.

More Clothing Choices for the Groom  Apres Wedding


In the whole mix, incredibly obvious was the ‘absence’ of the groom.  No one is worrying about our guys. Why is that? Maybe our guys are just so easy going, they don’t care about stuff? I just don’t buy it at all.  My husband is a big shopper. He loves ‘stuff – shoes immediately come to mind, the more colorful the better. When we got married, he had opinions and stuff he wanted to be sure were present at our wedding and on his person. Definite opinions. (All great stuff, btw.)  And a good opportunity for sellers of that stuff.  Men, you need to speak up and be thought of.  Gift guides need to include stuff for you.  Wedding guides need to include stuff for you and your groomsmen. Rise up and demand stuff.

Wood Underwear was there for you and proud to do it.



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