Lavender Relaxing

Weddings can be a stressful time. All the emotions. All the expectations. Tying the knot – for life!

Spread a little lavender around… and watch the love vibrations bloom. Lavender, one of nature’s remedies, has been used for thousands of years and is a known soothing, relaxing herbal.

Sniff it. Drink it. Scent the air with it. Lavender will soothe your nerves before, after and during your Wedding Day.

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pinterest/ from Temecula Lavender Co. Blog

TLC just returned from rainy Seattle and home of the Northwest Regional Lavender Conference. The Pacific Northwest is considered the lavender capital of the U.S. and has been growing lavender commercially for many, many years. A recent resurgence, however, has created a lavender industry that is spilling over into many states throughout the U.S. That’s not too surprising to me since lavender use has been documented since the beginning of recorded time. Nonetheless, I am pleased as punch to see that the popularity of this magical herb is growing and growing.


The conference had an obviously relaxed, yet enthusiastic bunch of lavender growers who were all graciously sharing lavender lore, ideas and common passions. One thing I have learned in operating Temecula Lavender Co, talking with my customers, and this visit to the conference is that lavender lovers are an amazing group of people. It must be the lavender making us all so awesome! Anyway, we can’t wait to start implementing some new lavender inspired ideas. Although the fields these days are filled with compact, round, green bushes, we are already imagining a summer blanket of purple blooms. Stay on board with us as we work on new projects and products designed to bring a little peace and harmony into our busy lives.
-TLC dreams to you!!!

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