Radiant Day

Of course you’ll look your bestest, brightest and most radiant on your Wedding Day! Nothing to worry about there…

Even if you and the girls stay out a just a tad bit too late at the bachelorette hen party the night before, there’s really nothing to worry about…

Just keep a stash of these products in your makeup chest and you’ll radiate your beautiful glow all through your Big Day! Honestly, would Posh steer you wrong…?

Caudalie eau de beaute ecoluxurystyle

Ever since Victoria Beckham tweeted about it soon after Caudalie’s eau de beaute’ was released makeup artists have been swearing by it ever since. This facial mist tightens pores and instantly gives a burst of radiance to the complexion. Spritz it over your make up as Victoria suggests and it Voila’. Radiant.

Eco.Luxury.Style pin it > eco.luxury.style

Opale. From Monaco. Need we say more?

Ok, just a couple more words. Beautiful, Glamorous. Organic.

Oh, and one more thing – 99% made from natural products. Be sure to try their body products, too. So you can feel beautiful ALL over.

Opale products ecoluxurystyle

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