Osklen by Oskar Metsavaht

Native Brazilian and former Physician turned Fashion Designer, Oskar Metsavaht, embraced eco-fashion since he started his Sustainable Luxury Active Wear brand in 1989.

He switched from medicine to design because the “lifestyle didn’t suit him.” (He’s an avid early morning surfer…)

SS’13 Endless Summer Osklen Collection


“If Japan is technology and France is high style and India is philosophy and spirituality, then Brazil has a chance to be the environmental and socially sustainable country. I’m sure everyone would love to buy products with a Made in Brazil label if they knew that these products were made to be sustainable.”


estimates peg the company’s 2011 revenue somewhere between $170 million and $230 million. Only 5% of that comes from overseas


 “I am an environmentalist—not eco-granola, but scientific and informed.”

Winner “HEC 1.618 & Prix Sustainable Luxury 2012”. This prize recognizes the world’s most innovative designer in the realm of sustainable luxury. It is a prize awarded by the collaborative efforts of Paris’s prestigious École des Hautes Études Commericales de Paris and the Sustainable Luxury Conference 1.618 that took place for the second time this Spring, this year at the brand new Cité de la Mode et du Design, “les Docks” in Paris’s 13th arrondissement. 

63 wholly-owned stores in Brazil, and 10 abroad, the chain also exports its products to over 30 countries, selling them through a network of international high-end department stores

“…in my [2008] show I used a material that people didn’t like, crocodile, and some people criticized this, saying, ‘Oh, it’s not sustainable,’ etc., but they weren’t informed. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s hypocrisy! There is actually an overabundance of crocodiles in some parts of Brazil , near the Amazon, and they have to control the population because they threaten the ecosystem and the people living close by. These indigenous people sell some of the skins, so purchasing them is actually sustaining these people as well as the environment.”


E-Fabrics is a branch of E-Brigade, an environmental information and awareness organization founded by Brazilian designer Oskar Metsavaht

Ipanema by Oskar Metsavaht


[Forbes.com] … Among the interested bidders are luxury-goods powerhouses such as LVMH and PPR, and Marvin Traub Associates, the consultancy owned by Bloomingdale’s former CEO, Marvin Traub. It has also been reported that Brazil’s SP Alpargatas group, South America’s largest shoe manufacturer and the producer of Tinseltown’s favorite Havaianas sandals, is in ‘advanced talks’ to acquire a controlling interest in Osklen.

Eco.Luxury.Stylepin it > eco.luxury.style


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